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Really Excellent!

"Really enjoying reading your book, Gregg. Really excellent.❤"
-Doug O'Brian,

Doug O’Brien is internationally recognized as an expert in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Havening. Doug has worked with Dr. Oz to help create the Department of Complimentary Medicine at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, served as a “Master Trainer” with Tony Robbins’s organization, and is as a peak-performance coach working with Manhattan CEOs and Broadway actors.

A Unique Story!

“A unique story! Very thought provoking and captures a process of one's self awareness, as well as the inner strength, power and courage that we encompass. It also serves as wonderful and bright story of working through grief and loss.”
- Sandra Goldberg, LCSW-R

“Perhaps everything you see was given for you to enjoy at that moment; you just have to be present to see it.”

The gifted storyteller tackles universal experiences of grief and relationships, but on a scale that challenges your own perceptions on the meaning of existence. It’s an informal fable that echoes the importance of connection with yourself and the world around you, in a setting which reflects the modern individual. The mirror it holds up, both metaphorically and literally in the story, is like a window through thousands of years of shared history, psychology and theology, woven together in a modern tale that most readers will be able to related to.
Michael’s voice is just like your own internal monologue, his lessons are all of ours to learn.
- Verity Bird
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“Gregg Korrol’s inspiring story left me reflecting on my life and the many times I wrote my own story about what I thought was going to happen or who I thought someone would be instead of simply letting life unfold and discovering—and enjoying—the real truth, the real story!”
-Cheryl Kaiden, ​President, C A Kaiden Communications

Can't Put it Down!

“It's 3am.  I can't stop reading.  I tried. I'll sleep tomorrow. Have you've ever gotten caught up in a book you just can’t put down?”
-Laurie Goldman, Recovery Specialist & Blogger

Say Goodbye to Old Messages!

"...a thought provoking novel about a journey of self exploration.The story begins by meeting Michael and "listening "to his thoughts as he enters a bar hopeful about the prospect of meeting that special someone.How often we look forward to this exciting new experience only to be sidetracked by the voice within. This captivating story introduces Jeannie,a feisty and insightful character who artfully moves us to recognize the "Genie "within!
A must read for all ages as we recognize the untapped power we have to create a new story and say goodbye to the old messages that do not work for us any longer."
-Natalie K., Educator